What is a GO Code?

GO Code uses geographic coordinates which are converted into an easy to communicate 9-character code. It can be used for finding your way when walking or driving around cities and countryside, locating a house or business, or any activity that involves identifying any location, anywhere in India.

The 9-character alphanumeric code identifies any location in India to an accuracy of 3.5 square meters. (To put that in perspective, if you took 2 steps in any direction from where you are, you'd be in a spot identified by a different GO Code to the one you started in.)

Our GO Code is designed to be easy to communicate, whether by email, text, in writing or even over the phone.

You can use a GO Code to identify houses and buildings (we've provided a search function to help you find the GO Code for an address from our database), but can also be used to identify any other locations (e.g. an electricity pylon, a bus stop, a bridge, a monument, a man hole, street light, accident site or any meeting point.) just by finding the point on a map.

A Route Planner is also provided which give you driving directions and a detailed map of your journey.

We’re planning to get everyone using GO Codes – whether in business or you’re just out and about looking for somewhere. Get your GO Code now and join the thousands of people who will be using the GO Code for all their location needs.