You can search our databases to see if your address is there - we're adding to them every day. Or else use our interactive map to find the GO Code for any point in India.

When you've got your GO Code, you'll also be able to email the map to your friends, business associates or put it as a link on your website or email signature so people can find you. Send it to us as well so we can put it in our database.
So what is a GO Code?
A GO Code in India is a 9-character code which identifies any location in India to an accuracy of 3.5 square metres. It’s easy to communicate to someone else, whether by email, text, in writing or even over the phone. For example, the GO Code for the offices of Addressing the Unaddressed India in Kolkata is NM4C 7XM4L.

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Display Your GO Code

If you know a GO Code, you can display it on a Google-map here. You can also plot multiple codes on the one map, or view Google overhead satellite maps of the code.




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Route Planning

If you know the code for where you are now, and the code for where you want to go, you can get directions and a route map right here.





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Suggestion & Feedback

We now have GO Codes working on PCs, smartphones, tablets, the web and in email.

We welcome your comments so tell us what you like, or don’t like, or what’s missing from our website or in the Go Code apps here. Thank you.


Location Codes cost nothing
Absolutely nothing! You can get and use your own GO Code for free.